Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dark Brown Ale - Take 2

This weekend (16/17 July) I will be making v1.1 of the dark brown ale. I'v decided to open up the manufacturing lines and bring in a few helpers (basically friends that want to carry stuff around and mix a few things in exchange for free beers!).

The order has been placed for more pale malt as well as some spare yeast - I should be receiving the order tomorrow. I can highly recommend ordering from African Home Brewing. The owner of the business has a few satellite resellers that make ordering a pleasure. I'm ordering directly from the Stellenbosch reseller.

There will be 2 changes to the process and recipe; namely the reduction in chocolate wheat malt and the introduction of a secondary fermenter.


How to Make biltong said...

How is your quest going to make you dark brown ale?

I hope you succeeded.

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