Saturday, April 2, 2011

The look of it, the taste of it - Coopers Lager Part 3

... the smell of it, the texture! I do enjoy a good Austin Powers marathon! But back to the beer... This post is way overdue. The 2 weeks have passed and at the time of writing so has the 5 week mark. I must confess that I couldn't wait the whole 2 weeks and had a bottle the day before the 2 week mark. The excitement got the better of me.

The first taste wasn't bad - a hell of a lot better than the testers during fermentation!! But after a few more days (and many more beers!) the beer really started to taste great. Those who tasted it admitted that it was a great first attempt and something to be proud of. So there you have it! I wonder if my donating some to my friend's bachelors had anything to do with the above praise!

The look of it
I will have to disappoint our friend Gold Member by saying that we do not have a gold in colour product here! :-) Well maybe close. 

The taste of it
The initial taste is very mild. I would go so far as to say that it has similar flavours to Castle Lager and Black Label. The after taste is what I enjoy about this batch. The malt and hop flavours really come out here. What is missing though is that body that I guess I'm used to with commercial beers. Will need to figure out what to add to the brew to give it that body. Any takers on providing advice?

The smell of it
Smells like beer! There is an almost sweet smell that one gets when giving the glass a nose. 

The texture
This isn't a very heavy beer at all. It goes down pretty easily and gives a deceptively hard kick!  

I'm not an expert in tasting anything. If it tastes good I'm all for it. Once my beer tasting skills have been honed I will (maybe/hopefully) be able to provide a better description on the tasting notes.


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